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We made TRUT gin to capture the fleeting moments of high summer, when every encounter can become an adventure. The intoxicating gardens of Korčula inspired us to create Signature and Minty breeze,

About Us


This small distillery began its production in winter of 2020. When there was a large honey deficit. Why honey? The main driver of this endeavour is a beekeeper Vlaho Komparak  who turned to the aromas of Korčula gardens where bitter orange was bearing fruit like never before. Along with a lot of work and imagination Trut came to life. In this particular gin honey is added before distillation to bring the aroma together while the bottle itself is dipped into beeswax. In the meantime, the first flavour, signature, won silver on its first competition at Berlin international spirits awards. Sales were increasing while tourists visiting the island were happy to find gin amongst the sea of wines, and locals also welcomed the change. In the past 6 months Trut came to shelves in Zagreb in several stores and bars.